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Message from Chairman, Board of Trustees

The Pundra University of Science and Technology has started its journey as a torch-bearer of knowledge in the great historical place Pundranagar (now known as Mahastangarh) of the great Pundra Civilization. The University is devoted to the welfare of the nation with its noble aim of gaining and imparting knowledge reflecting the ideals of the ancient Vashubiharh University and Nalanda University of the Pundra Civilization.

We feel elated to inform you of the fact that apart from its natural beauty in all the seasons Pundra University of Science & Technology has well equipped laboratories which have created its technological beauty also that helps promote better education. The University is determined to create quality graduates and postgraduates who can put a considerable contribution to the world of ever increasing knowledge, especially in the fields of science and technology.

We are highly pleased of the involvement of TMSS with the University regarding its high ambition of imparting knowledge to the learners of all classes in our society, especially when the University is in a pressing need of economic support.

There are some certain philosophical similarities between Pundra University of Science & Technology and TMSS, which will pave the way of higher education for rural poor families. We earnestly hope that this will help make a more balanced society as far as education is concerned. This is why Pundra University of Science & Technology can be considered as a unique educational institution in northern part of Bangladesh with the international standard. We feel proud of the establishment of Pundra University of Science & Technology.

We are deeply indebted to all of its members whose untiring hard work has made it possible to establish such an institution. We express our gratitude to its well-wishers also. Finally and most of all, we express our due expectation of a glorious prospect of the University with all its functions under the Private University Act - 2010. Thank you all.

Prof. Dr. Hosne-Ara Begum
(Ashoka Fellow & PHF)
Chairman, Board of Trustees
Pundra University of Science & Technology
Executive Director, TMSS